Realtor Appreciation

April 10, 2024

Recently there has been a lot of talk and speculation on how things may be changing for real estate agents and how sellers and buyers will pay commissions in the future. The lawsuit against NAR has some people thinking that buyers will now have to pay their real estate agent's commissions out of their own pocket, resulting in fewer buyers using a realtor.  However, we feel that things will continue to operate as before with just a few minor tweaks. At the end of the day, the majority of sellers will continue to voluntarily pay commissions, and buyers will realize the value in working with an agent. 

Riverwood Homes wants to reiterate that we are friendly to realtors and will continue to pay buyers' agents just like we always have. Realtors are the primary source of our sales leads, and they provide a valuable service that we are willing to pay for. 

We want to recognize sales agents for their role in selling our houses and express a collective thank you to all the real estate agents out there!

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