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Riverwood Homes cares about your health and well-being. We build homes that are designed to improve your indoor air quality and reduce contaminants in your home. We follow the guidelines of the Indoor AirPLUS program and take additional measures to ensure your health and safety.

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    Benefits to You the Homeowner

    Certified by Indoor AirPLUS

    Our homes are certified by the EPA's Indoor AirPLUS program, which means they meet a rigorous checklist of requirements, such as building with materials and paint that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This third party verification supports our efforts to build safe and healthy homes for our valued customers. 

      Clean Air

      Your health is a huge priority to us, so we make sure the air you breathe inside a Riverwood Home is clean. We use MERV 13 filters to capture all the bad stuff like bacteria, viruses, smoke, smog, pollen, and dust. In our Idaho division we install an electric air cleaner (Trane CleanEffects)  to capture and eliminate these particles up to 100 times better than a standard air filter. We also professionally clean the ducts to remove any dust or construction debris from your HVAC system before you move in. 

        Moisture Control

        We take precautionary steps to ensure that your crawl space stays dry. Moisture in the crawl space can potentially lead to mold growth, which is unhealthy for anyone who breathes mold spores. Our encapsulated crawl spaces have a continuously running mechanical fan to pull the air (and moisture) out of the crawl space and replace it with air from inside the house. We also pipe our gutters away from the crawl space and, where soils conditions require, install foundation drains to channel water away from the crawl space and into a pit drain in the yard. 

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