Homeowner Tips

Homeowner Tips

During the new home orientation, we cover a lot of information, including maintenance do’s and don’ts. We know it is a lot of information to retain in a short period of time, so here are some reminders of some of the important categories.

    Important Tips


    Remember to clean your cabinets, appliances, countertops, and sinks with mild soap and water. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended. Ceiling fans and air grills should be dusted periodically. Do not use wet mops or steam mops on laminate floors!


      Many appliances in your house have filters that need to be changed frequently. The filter in your furnace or air handler should be changed every three months. If you have an ERV in your house, those filters should be cleaned every time you change your air filter. In the kitchen, you likely have a filter in your fridge, in the dishwasher, in the hood vent, and maybe even in your microwave. Also, remember to clean the filter in your irrigation box at least once per season and check the filter in your drip line and the filters on each individual sprinkler head seasonally.


        To prepare for winter you will always want to have your sprinkler system blown out by a reputable landscaping company. As the weather starts to approach freezing temperatures disconnect your hoses from the hose bibs and close your foundation vents if you have them. Whenever it snows clear your driveway and never use ice-melting products as they will void the warranty of your concrete. If ice dams begin to accumulate in your gutters, do your best to clear or melt the ice dams to prevent water from puddling under your roof shingles and leaking into your house. 

          Sprinklers & Irrigation

          Each homeowner is responsible for keeping their lawn, trees, and shrubs alive and healthy. However, most people tend to overwater their lawns. This can cause puddling and flooding not only in your yard but also in your neighbors’ yards. We recommend watering 3-4 days per week and cutting back the watering time if you notice standing water in the yard. As temperatures rise and fall through the season your watering times should also rise and fall.

            Annual Service by a Professional

            As a homeowner, you can do most of the maintenance yourself. However, we recommend hiring a professional HVAC company to service your HVAC system annually, and we recommend having a professional plumber descale your tankless water heater on an annual basis.

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