Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Riverwood Homes is committed to exceeding the minimum building code requirements to deliver our customers a high-quality home that reduces your utility costs. Our homes also have a minimized impact on the environment because of our energy-efficient appliances and building materials. All of our homes are certified by Energy Star and the Zero Energy Ready Homes program, and they are independently tested and assigned a Resnet HERS score. Please ask for your home's HERS score!

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    Benefits to You the Homeowner


    Because our houses have enhanced insulation and low levels of air leakage, the temperatures inside your home are stable and consistent. You won't experience draftiness or cold spots. Our high-efficiency HVAC systems are rigorously designed and balanced, and our two-story houses are zoned, so you won't feel noticeably warmer or cooler temperatures in each room or on each level.

      Cost Savings

      Our homes are built with highly efficient appliances, enhanced insulation, low-E windows, and minimal leakage to the outdoors, so your monthly utility bills will be very low. The Resnet HERS scores indicate that our homes will save you hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills compared to other new homes built only to the minimum required standards. Our durable construction ensures that you'll avoid costly repairs and upgrades in the future. 


        We include features like a smart thermostat, CAT6 ethernet cabling, a media panel, and a 50 amp outlet for an EV plugin to make your house well-connected now and in the future. 


          Besides being certified by Energy Star, all of our houses are being built to comply with the Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Homes program. This requires us to build in a healthy and energy-efficient way, and it requires our homes to meet a higher performance standard than Energy Star or local building codes. This sets us apart from virtually all builders we compete with and pushes us to constantly stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the industry. 

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