Standard Features

Our homes come in one of three packages – gold, silver, or bronze – to accommodate a range of buyer preferences and budgets. While one of these packages may suit a community or a particular floor plan better than the others, you can choose any of the three packages for your home.

Our intention is to simplify the buying process and make product selections easier for home buyers. Much of the work is done for you the buyer when you select your package, and your choices are narrowed down to a reasonable number. Of course, you are still free to stray from the pre-selected options and customize your house as you desire.

We also want to avoid the pitfalls of advertising a home at a low base price, only to up-charge clients later for items that should have been offered standard. We want our buyers to walk into one of our model homes and feel comfortable that they can build their own home and receive the same inclusive features. Generally our spec homes are true to one of our three packages.

The three packages differ mostly in their cabinets, counter tops, flooring, and kitchen appliances. Click on the links to view a description of our standard features and the three finish packages in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.