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Boardman Needs Housing

The Oregonian newspaper recently published an article about Boardman, Oregon and its shortage of housing. The article emphasizes how strong the employment market is, particulary with all the jobs that are supplied by the nearby Port of Morrow. Yet, the housing supply at 900 units is grossly inadequate for the community. 

We are attempting to supply some of the needed housing with our two communities - Tuscany and Chaparral Park. While we cannot build houses that are affordable to everyone, we are trying to build them as econonomically as possible. At the same time, we are attempting to provide the quality and size that distinguish our homes from what is currently available in Boardman. So far the market seems to agree with us, as both of our finished homes have sold before the completion of construction. We hope this trend continues and that we can grow along with Boardman and be an integral part of improving the community and making it a place where people want to live.  

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Posted by riverwoodadmin at 12/7/2015 7:01:00 PM
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