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Remodel to Increase Resale Value

Most of our home buyers are moving from another house, so they first must sell their existing house, hoping to get the most out of their home on the resale market. The article below discusses which renovations tend to add value to a home and which projects are best left for the next home owner. The consensus seems to be that repairing the major “deferred maintenance” issues is necessary to sell a home at all, but it is difficult to recoup the investment of a full-scale renovation right before selling a house. Particularly in declining neighborhoods, it is not recommended to pour money into your home in an attempt to sell it for more money. Of the improvements you could make, replacing a front door, garage door, and a minor kitchen remodel tend to yield the strongest return on investment.

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Posted by riverwoodadmin at 6/16/2015 7:45:00 PM
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