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We created this blog to demonstrate the construction process of our houses from start to finish.  We often show only the finished project, but we wanted to show our buyers some of the work behind the scenes throughout the various phases of construction.

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Apr 14

This is an Odessa in the Patagonia Subdivision in Kuna, Idaho. 

Framing is in full swing! 

Drywall is just about done. Starting to look like a home


Oct 06

This is a pre-sold Casabella with the foundation forms in place.

Here are some photos of the foundation and flatwork.

Framing is coming along nicely...

The Casabella with the framing all done

The drywall stage of the Casabella 

Paint and Trim! 

Now the Casabella is on to the fun details...

Cabinets being installed 

The Casabella finished with all the fun details


Oct 06

This is a custom build job on a lot in Paramount subdivision in Meridian, ID.

First, we excavated the basement...

Then we poured the basement walls...

And backfilled...

This house had quite a bit of flatwork. A large covered patio and an open basketball court in the back yard.

This beauty is finally getting framed

Inside the electrical and insulation is under way

Dry wall and siding is finally making this home come together

This beauty is finally starting to look like a home! Exterior, cabinets, flooring, and tile is all coming together.


And here is the finished product...