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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

One of our construction lenders, Banner Bank has a special financing program call Community Heroes loans for front-line individuals who are serving our community and country. Eligible borrowers include educators, firefighters, police officers, nurses, EMTs, and any active duty or retired military personnel. This loan program allows for a low down payment (up to 99% loan to value) and below-market interest rates. With interest rates as high as they are today, this program may provide some much-needed relief. And the combination of a low down payment and a discounted borrowing rate can help someone get into a home for less than the cost of renting! If you think you may qualify, please call 866-722-5110.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

This beautiful house in the Patagonia subdivision sits on a half-acre lot tucked back from the street for optimal privacy.  The expansive east-facing back yard is shaded by mature trees and is shielded from the neighbors' view. The garage comfortably parks three vehicles plus an RV. Besides having a huge garage and a private, oversized lot, this house features four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a den. This unique home is available for $899,900. Please contact our sales agent (208-703-5446) to discuss our attractive financing concession to lower your interest rate by two percentage points in year 1 and by one percentage point in year 2. This could save you nearly $17,000 in interest during your first two years of ownership!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
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Thursday, September 29, 2022

We have locked a 4.99% interest rate for any well qualified buyer who closes one of our move-in ready homes by November 25th! This 30-year fixed interest rate is far below prevailing market rates (7% at the time of this blog post). This low rate is available only through our preferred lender, Homebridge Financial, with loan officer Mark Onnen. Please visit one of our communities today to discuss this financing opportunity with one of our sales agents!

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We had a great turnout for this year's Parade of Homes in the Tri Cities!

Thank you to all who visited our house and supported our local Parade of Homes.

Also, a big thank you to our employees, trade partners, vendors, sales team, and others who helped us participate in this year's Parade event.

If you missed the in-person Parade, you can still check out all of the houses on the Virtual Parade of Homes website:

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Thursday, September 22, 2022
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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

We hope that you'll be able to attend the Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities 2022 Parade of Homes, September 16 - 18!!!

Tickets are available for purchase at any Tri City Circle K

Riverwood Homes will be participating in this year's Parade, so we hope that you will come tour our house, along with the other houses in the Parade!!

The address for our Parade House is 2473 Maggio Loop in Richland, WA. If you type "Siena Hills Richland" into Google Maps, that will get you close! 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Join us this Saturday, August 27th between 11 am - 3 pm to check out our houses in the brand new Siena Hills subdivision in Richland, WA!

There will be hot dogs, ice cream, and free tickets to the Tri Cities Dust Devils baseball team. 

We hope to see you there!

For directions, type in "Siena Hills, Richland WA" in Google Maps. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

According to a recent article published by, over 80 percent of prospective home buyers start searching for a home online. The only surprising thing about that statistic is that the percentage is so low.


But beginning a home search online is very different than trying to do it yourself instead of using a real estate agent.


Agents are experts in housing, they’re current on the legal requirements of the transaction, and are professional negotiators. And don’t forget the value of their professional networks. Inspectors, lenders, title companies, and even reputable builders and contractors. If you’re moving to a new area, this expertise becomes even more invaluable.


One last thing, it doesn’t really save you money to buy a house without a real estate agent. Since they’re typically paid by the home seller, you’re not paying for those services anyway.


There are a ton of agents out there and choosing one can be a little overwhelming. So ask around for a good recommendation. We recommend the teams below in Boise and the Tri-Cities:


In Boise:

John L. Scott


Ryan Kerfoot

(208) 703-5446


Carlos Bendeck

(208) 867-7302


Craig Severson

(208) 949-7951


In Tri-Cities:

Retter & Company / Sotheby’s


Greg Johnston

(509) 539-3834


Jason Barrow

(509) 308-2102


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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Whether you are considering modifying your existing yard, or you have the opportunity to start from scratch, here are some tips to help you make it perfect!

1. Research plants before you buy them. Does the plant need sun? Shade? How much water does it need? Does it need alkaline or acidic soil? How big does this plant get? Does it spread? Even better than turning to the internet is to ask local nursery staff--they are the ones who seem to have the best local knowledge. It takes time to do the research, but it is better than planting something only to have it die on you that same year, or to plant something that will get too big or take over your yard.

2. Plant a mix of evergreens and deciduous shrubs. Deciduous, often flowering, shrubs look fantastic during the growing season, but dead during winter. So to keep your yard from looking all dead during winter, include some evergreens in your mix, such as Slowmound Mugo Pine, Bird Nest Spruce, Euonymous, Blue Chip Juniper, etc. that will stay green all winter.

3. Avoid obvious patterns and straight lines in your yard. Our human tendency is to order our environment, but when we overly manipulate our yards to where they look particularly unnatural, the ability of the plants to give us prolonged interest and restorative relief is diminished. Take the time you would have spent shearing your shrubs into geometric shapes and use that time, instead, to recline in your hammock and watch the bees gather nectar, the birds socialize, and the leaves flutter in the wind. You'll feel more recharged and at harmony with the world.

Let us know if you have any landscape questions or would like more tips! It's time to get your fingers dirty!


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